Inspiring Motivational Speaker – Todd Lucier
Motivational speaker, Todd Lucier will deliver at your site and on your schedule, a Corporate Quest presentation is designed to renew energy and restore a fresh perspective. Presentations are tailored to the needs of your organization or audience. Whether you’ve got 45 minutes or a full day, Todd Lucier will come to you to facilitate a Corporate Quest plenary that will renew your energy and and enthusiasm returning you to the tasks of the season with fresh perspective on teamwork and leadership.
As far as motivational speakers go, Todd focuses on getting people inspired to work with one another to acheive unparalleled results.

Todd Lucier delivers keynote address in Cuiaba, Brasil (Aug 2001: World Tourism Org. / U.N.)
Motivational speaking addresses energize and inspire attention to the things that matter most.
Professional development seminars teach about the power behind symbols, intentional action and words.
Workshop sessions identify and acknowledge the contributions individuals make and the value and importance of diversity both witin and between organizations.
Recent motivational speaker addresses, seminars and motivational workshops:
GMIST Newfoundland – The Edge of the Wedge, March 05, Gross Morne Institute for Sustainable Development
Tourism Keys Workshops across Northern Ontario, January – March 2005, Canadian Tourism Commission, FedNor, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership
Narrowcasting – Reaching Niche Markets via Internet, November 03, Canadian Tourism Commission
Power of Partnerships: Narrowcasting and Cluster Development, Profit from the Pavement Conference, Ontario, May, 2004
Planning Meaningful, Memorable Off sites, CEEPS Conference, April 2004
Principles of Ecological Design and Operation
Eco-North: February 02′, Sudbury Ontario
Planning Memorable Learning Experiences
Learning in Tourism:Ontario Ecotourism Conference,
November 01′; Dwight, ON
Public/Private Partnerships
Ecotourism in the Americas: International Year of Ecotourism
August 01; Cuiaba, Brasil
Chicken Soup for the Teachers Soul, Queens U., Education Conference
May 99′; Kingston, ON
Standing Stones, COEO, September 01′, Kilworth, ON, AEE conference, November 00; Tuscon, AZ
Symbols, Actions, Words: International Education Conference, October 00′; Findhorn, Scotland,
Personal Vision and Passion: York University, Faculty of Ed., September 99′, and 00′; Toronto, ON
Establishing School Vision: Principal’s Course, University of Windsor, May 99′; Windsor, ON