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Newfoundland – Team Building for Community Enhancement

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I’ve just returned from two weeks of “Community Team Building” working with two good friends in delivering an Experiential program in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland.

The Wonder of such places, motivates and inspires all people to look at the potential within themselves and their team.

Whenever I deliver a team building program I learn quite a bit about myself. This time, I got a huge dose of admiration for the strengths of others. After the third day of experiences, I shared a short conversation with one of my partners who was feeling a bit out of sorts, because one of our partners didn’t share the same delivery style or focus. As I listened to the story, I knew the essence of team. It bubbled forth in a wave of appreciation.

When working with others, I don’t have the energy to worry about how or what others are doing, I am totally focused on what I need to do. In letting others build teams and potential in their own way, it permits each of me to deliver my true essence, my personal brilliance. . . and so too, they deliver theirs.

Sure, I would do some things differently, if I were them, but the point is, I’m not. Our differences are what make our delivery team so special, and our experiences so memorable and meaningful.

Upon leaving a building, at the end of the training, our team reviewed the comments of participants to better prepare for our next group. We were all amazed at the consensus of the course participants. They knew us better than we knew ourselves. They identified each of our unique personalities and the strengths that were evident among our team.

My colleague and I flew home with a complete understanding that our differences are what make our team building capacity so great.

Just think about it: When can you give up a little bit of control to let others on your team contribute their true essence?

Just do it: The next time the urge to confront someone on your team with what they are doing that bothers you, take a look at the deeper strengths that are present in that individual and help them bring their passion to the forefront, to ensure that unparalleled success follows as a natural byproduct of your team building endeavors.

Waking up

The days get longer and the sun gets up earlier and every day offers a bit more opportunity to live life to its fullest. Over the past week I have excitedly watched as wildflowers have unfolded in the spring progression that lasts only a few short weeks each year.

Every day I have an opportunity to open my senses and soak up more of my world than I did yesterday. Change is never easy, but taking time once, can yield rewards that make it a much easier decision to make tomorrow.

I was speaking with a friend who has begun rowing on Lake Ontario each morning. The difference it makes in his day is immesurable and he cannot imagine not doing it. Yesterday I went for a morning walk, (something I rarely take the time to do) and was rewarded with the sighting of a white trillium. White trillium are present in large parts of Ontario, but in my forest, it seems red trillium are all I ever see. It was such a surprise and joy to encounter this white trillium that I will remember it and tell stories about it dozens of times I am sure over my lifetime.

Then, later in the day we had an opportunity to walk to a friends cabin in the woods for dinner. What captured my imagination this time was unseen. It was the marvelous fragrance of the forest. The flowers on the trees, shrubs and small wildflowers including spring beauties were making my world delectible.

All in all, these two experiences combined took 10 minutes, and the rejuvenation I felt is still impacting my spirit today. I am a better person because of these encounters.

Just think about it: What special moments are you overlooking today?

Just do it: Give yourself 10 minutes today to give your attention totally to something you encounter every day. It just might make a difference in your outlook on other aspects of your life and make you a better leader or team member.

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